How Could Your School Benefit From a Games Day?

Have a Games day in your School!

It's true - the summer holiday is drawing to a close (where did the time go?!) and everyone's getting ready for the start of the new school year. Teachers are frantically making sure that classrooms are immaculate and teaching material is top notch ready for a great term. However, how can you ensure that your school or your class become engaged, excited, and are ready to learn this year?

We have an exciting and unique solution; an Imagination Gaming Games Day!

If you've not heard about us much or about what we do in our day to day activities, then look no further! At Imagination Gaming, we offer solutions to engagement and learning in educational and social organisations - for all ages and abilities, focusing on enjoyment and learning in equal measure. Our goal is to continue to change the perception of games within the UK to one where they are seen and used as the great learning tools that they are. We want to see games used on a regular basis in schools and other organisations, as well as by families and groups, to bring people together and provide a stimulating mental challenge across all ages and abilities.

An Imagination Gaming Games Day is an amazing way to see first hand the truly inspiring benefits games can have in an educational setting. Games days are all about having a fun, group learning experience in which the learning is hidden behind a series of brilliantly clever and thought provoking games. These games are sourced from across the world and ideal for engaging and stimulating children's imagination and creativity. Each of the games has a series of 'golden rules' that they must adhere to so that we know they will work to their potential.

The games we use in our Games Days are quick to teach, and take about 30 seconds to explain the rules. They can be played within 5 to 10 minutes, so are ideal for break time activities as well as whole class use. All the games we use have a huge replay value - no matter which game you play, the outcome will never be the same!

So what does a Games Day include?

  • Games sessions throughout the day with both children and staff
  • Breakfast club activity
  • Lunchtime Games Club
  • Optional Afterschool event for families and staff
  • A copy of all the games for you to keep worth £200

In planning your day we will discuss with you exactly which pupils and staff will benefit from involvement in the day's activities to ensure you can easily continue to reap the rewards of your games day long after we have gone, and to help you do that, you will get to keep all the games used on the day. We will also give you the knowledge, motivation and confidence to make the most of your games in lessons, clubs, organised events and reward time, and do it all through play. All we need from you is a space to play, tables and chairs!

So...if you like the sound of us, are interested in the endless positive challenges and activities we can bring to your school or simply want more information, please get in touch! We can be reached in a number of ways to organise a meeting or phonecall at your convenience:

We look forward to hearing from you!