Superhero games - saving more than just the world

Games are versatile. They’re not only great for developing those critical thinking and problem solving skills and traits that can be critical factors in making oneself a success but they are ideal in nurturing the more social and emotional areas of learning, such as confidence and the ability to express yourself.

Bag-A-Book Day 2018

Imagination Gaming had another scarily fun day for Sheffield City Council Fostering with Adele and her brilliant team at their annual Bag-A-Book day. The venue was the Sheffield Wednesday Football Ground and we had a wonderful view over the pitch from our games room in an executive suite. Everything looked terrifyingly good as Halloween decorations were put up and fun was prepared.  Imagination Gaming unboxed some more fantastic family games and we were off.


St. Mary Academy Trust Inter-school Tournament

Last week we had a Trust Inter-school Tournament, generously hosted for the fourth year running by Royston St John's C of E Primary School.

All 7 SMAT Schools took part in their annual competition where we saw some very creative and clever gaming. Last year's winners Royston St. John's were keen to retain their title but did they succeed? 

The 2018 Imagination Gaming Awards - A Dream Year!

“Winning is only half of it, having fun is the other half” once said the famous sports coach Andrew Phillips, and here at Imagination Gaming we couldn’t agree more.  The 2018 Imagination Gaming award winners have been announced and we have had so much fun finding out which games would get a bronze, silver or gold award and our coveted seal of approval.