Essen 2017 - Game and Company Highlights

Well Essen is over for another year, but things aren't all bad! We had a fantastic time chatting to our friends in the companies we know well and making friends with new ones. There were so many exciting new games on show, (a few of which we'll tell you about at a later date) but there were definitely some that are worthy of a mention!

Dream Catchers - Play Nation Studios

Dream Catchers is a cooperative casual game where players are dream catchers - they visit children in their sleep to collect sweet dreams and remove nightmares to help them sleep for the night! This one is for the older kids, but is great to introduce cooperative play and definitely has strategic elements to it!

Worm Party - Queen Games

In Worm Party, players attempt to escape the nibbles of Charly the chicken by hiding their wormlike fingers below the proper mounds. This one looked like fun and was definitely great for dexterity building! 

Coaster Park - Pandasaurus Games

In Coaster Park, you are tasked with building the biggest, baddest roller coasters. To do this, you must assemble a killer crew to help you outbid and outsmart your fellow builders to gain the choicest track pieces. But don’t forget about physics! This one is another great one for dexterity and really brings something different to the table.

Queendomino - Blue Orange Games

From the creators of the extremely popular Kingdomino, here comes Queendomino! This is a game completely independent from Kingdomino, while offering a choice of more complex challenges. Two to four players can play Queendomino independently, but also in connection with Kingdomino, allowing for games with 7x7 grids for four players, or for up to six players if you stick to 5x5 grids! As with Kingdomino, a great tile placement game with strategic elements!

We have plenty more to share with you, but we don't want to give too much away too this space!

Did you attend Essen this year? What were your highlights from the show?