CVLizations - Game Review

CVLizations - A game of happiness, tribe building and revolutionary ideas! This clever family game by Granna is unique for a number of reasons; you will lead your own tribe, create a civilisation and achieve greatness! Will your tribe be clever scientists, builders or warriors? Your aim is to make your civilisation the happiest by any means necessary! This one can be enjoyed by the older kids at age 10+ and an average game lasts approximately 45 minutes. However, we know how important creating a new civilisation can be and we totally understand if more time is needed...and with 2-5 players, there's a lot that needs to be discussed and debated! An extremely popular game released in the last year, CVLizations really got everyone talking and managed to win itself the 2016 UK Games Expo Best Family Game!

The game box and all contents within the game come with some pretty impressive artwork. Inside, you’ll find the game board, a selection of tokens, cards and the impressive leader helmet and crown pieces! The game board has been created so everything has a place, meaning set up time is significantly reduced. Straight away, you can see where all the game cards and pieces need to go which is really quite handy! When everything is set up, it’s time to get down to business. Serious business...

There are 3 stages with 3 rounds, and each round has different phases including order, action, development and cleanup. Each player gets a deck of 8 order cards and one of each of the three goods. To start, the first player chooses 2 of their cards and places one face up and one face down, which in all honesty could create a bit of tension; your chosen card could be someone else’s downfall! Each card has a different action from thieving to trading and there is also a sneaky doubling card in there too, so use it wisely and to your advantage! When all players have revealed their cards, the actions then need to be resolved in the correct order. These gain you resources and happiness points; smiles all around! At the end of each round, the cards used are discarded and the remaining 6 cards are then taken to the next round. Players can now ‘purchase’ one idea card from the gameboard by using their goods tokens. These cards show you the name, type, cost and a description of any special rule associated with the idea. It also tells you the number of happiness points your civilisation will gain at the end of the game if you choose that particular card. Some cards may have a special effect for the rest of the game so make sure you keep the game board replenished with cards throughout to avoid disappointment! The game ends after the third round and happiness points are counted up which will then determine the winner. How does your civilisation fare against your opponents?

The first time we tested this game we were very impressed with the gaming tokens, perhaps a little too much! We referred to each one as ‘the cog’, ‘the cube’ and ‘PacMan’ and realised the game made much more sense after we had a little look through the rules of play; stone, wood and food will definitely give our tribes a better start in life! I also love the whole idea of creating and ruling a tribe and the fact that how it grows is totally down to the player. It’s definitely a game to get excited about!

CVLizations is a great game for strategy, allowing you to think about what you play on each turn, the effect it can have on the amount of happiness you obtain and the goods tokens you collect throughout. It gets imaginations running wild as you think of ways to better your tribe and to make your civilisation thrive. We'd recommend playing this game with upper KS2 in schools and as a family. Why not include younger children as part of your team? We think youngsters will be able to quickly pick up the basic rules, and also encourages explaining the rules to others!

Calling all teaching professionals; do you have a suitable topic coming up that would suit CVLizations? Perhaps you're learning about different tribes of the world, or even the vikings! It's a great way to get children engaged and in the zone! 

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