Bag-A-Book Day 2018


Imagination Gaming had another scarily fun day for Sheffield City Council Fostering with Adele and her brilliant team at their annual Bag-A-Book day. The venue was the Sheffield Wednesday Football Ground and we had a wonderful view over the pitch from our games room in an executive suite. Everything looked terrifyingly good as Halloween decorations were put up and fun was prepared.  Imagination Gaming unboxed some more fantastic family games and we were off.

It was lovely to see some of the same families from the team's summer event visiting us again and to meet some new faces too. We played some old favourite games as well some exciting new additions from our demo box.
Rhino Hero from HABA, the mini super hero game that stacks up to over three feet tall was popular alongside the wonderfully ubiquitous Zeus on the Loose maths game from Gamewright and the nail bitingly exciting Pass the Bomb Jnr from Gibsons Games - When will the bomb go off?!?.  Speaking of 'ubiquitos' that would have been a very high scoring word in the wonderful Wordsy from Formal Ferret Games.
We couldn't do a Halloween event without some spooky fun too. Brainbox Games gave us their Horrible Science - Blood & Guts edition - a gory game of facts and memory that had us laughing and feeling a bit queasy at the same time... Recipe for earwax anyone? Storyline - Scary Tales version from Asmodee had us laughing too at the crazy story we created together- A vampire and a bride defeating a werewolf in a library with a bucket!

With puzzle action from the ingenious Enchanted Paths by Lifestyle Boardgames and cute dice matching from Tiny Park by HABA, we finished with a lovely story from Djeco with their gorgeously illustrated game, Bla Bla Bla.
Congratulations to everyone for another wonderful event! A monsterously good time was had by us all and we went home tired but happy and looking forward to seeing all our friends again next summer.
Happy Halloween everyone!