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12 Days of Gaming - Baby Blues & Baby Clues

Today, we have TWO new additions to our 12 Days of Gaming from Jumping Turtle Games; Baby Blues and Baby Clues! Why are the babies crying? Who stole all the milk?! Day care staff and detectives are needed, pronto! These are two really fun, baby-themed card games that are easy to learn and may even teach you a thing or two…

Baby Blues

In order to succeed in Baby Blues, you need to be able to handle the pressure! Imagine being in a day-care centre with the responsibility for five VERY needy babies; things won’t always be a walk in the park! Baby Blues is a 30 minute game for 2-4 players and is suitable for ages 8 and up. Happy babies mean more points, and more points mean success. Can you keep your youngsters smiling?

With simple rules and fun strategies and gameplay, this great little game will provide a great challenge for any family looking for a quick, fun game to add to their collection.

- Nigel Scarfe, Imagination Gaming 

Inside the game box there 110 cards including happy babies, unhappy babies and a variety of cards that may seriously alter their mood. Each player receives a set of happy babies, an unhappy deck of babies is separated and a drawing deck is placed nearby. Players are then dealt 5 cards from the drawing deck which could range from dirty nappies to bottles of milk. However, you need to be careful; these cards could make your baby happy or unhappy! After the simple set-up is complete, we’re ready to go!

Players have a number of options to choose from when it’s their turn to play:

  • Trade cards with another player

  • Play a negative card onto another player’s set of babies

  • Play as many positive cards as you wish onto your own set of babies

When a turn is complete, any negative cards that have been played on your happy babies will transform them into unhappy babies! And any unhappy babies that haven’t been cheered up will turn into crying babies; who said looking after babies was easy?! The game ends when a player has five very moody, crying babies.

We love the variety of this game and how you can completely sabotage another player’s daycare setting (if you’re mean enough!) The ability to swap cards can be quite tactical and in all honesty, some of the cards can be hilarious to use; those poor babies!

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Baby Clues

Magnifying glass at the ready! Who stole the prized milk bottle collection? There are more unhappy, sneaky babies in Baby Clues and everyone's a suspect... can you retrieve the bottles and reveal your opponent’s secret identity?

Ok, which baby are you? The garlic hating vampire baby maybe? Some keen deduction skills and bluffing are needed in this great little award winning game.

- Nigel Scarfe, Imagination Gaming 

Baby Clues is a game of deduction (and the odd bit of bluffing!) Inside the box, you’ll find a number of Clue Cards, Escape Cards, Secret Identity Cards and milk bottle tokens, which are rather cute! The aim of the game is to try and reveal your opponent's true identity or hide yours for as long as possible. Every time you manage to escape or when you unmask your opponent, you’ll gain a milk bottle; the first player to obtain five milk bottles is the winner! Like Baby Blues, the game is suitable for ages 8 and up for 2 to 4 players and each game lasts approximately 20 minutes. Eagle eyes at the ready…

To start, each player receives a Reference Card and a Secret Identity Card which is kept secret throughout the game. Five Clue Cards are placed in the centre and 6 Escape Cards are placed at the side. During each player’s turn, they can either:

  • Pick a clue

  • Choose an escape card

  • Change a diaper! Or,

  • Unmask another player

But play carefully; make sure you’re absolutely certain no one is bluffing!

A fantastic little game of deception and deduction, Baby Clues is a great and hilarious family game to play. We especially love the milk bottles that player’s have to collect and how the odd bit of bluffing may win you the game... play cautiously!

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