12 Days of Gaming - F Hein Spiele

12 Days of Gaming - F Hein Spiele

Today we have three very different and rather calming games from German company F-Hein-Spiele. These games are rather similar in the fact that they use patterns to enable you to really think about card placement! We love the art and design of these games and are very excited to bring you something different and exclusive to us in the UK.


The first of the three games is Mandala; an intriguing and beautifully presented game of matching and observation! The puzzle is suitable for ages 5 and up and for a single player or any number of players to work together. The game will take approximately 10-30 minutes; a perfect time to explore the puzzle!

The game includes 36 different cards with 9 patterns. The aim is to create a picture that mirrors itself along the diagonals, from corner to corner, as well as each vertical and horizontal line. Not as simple as it first looks! Keep making Mandala patterns and you'll create a fascinating masterpiece!

The Big and the Little Tree

A slightly different puzzle here, where you must connect the branches and flowers to create an image; from a small tree to a big one! The game will take approximately 10-20 minutes and is suitable for ages 5 and up. Again, it's suitable for a single player or for a group to solve together.

We like this game as there's lots of possibilities to create an image, and there are certain rules that need to be followed; you must create a 6x6 grid of leaves and branches which don't form closed circles! Create an image by combining and exchanging cards, observation is key!

Florentiner Domino

The objective of this game is for players to collect as many gem stones as possible from 'rooms' of a certain colour. Like the other two games, the pieces must match in a certain way which will then, in turn, create a beautiful domino-style image! The game is suitable for ages 7 and up and for 2 to 4 players. A game will take around 20-30 minutes.

Each player takes four cards and keeps them secret fro the other players. Players take it in turn to place their cards down next to card of a matching colour. We think this one is great in that it combines the classic game of dominos with strategy; you must think very carefully where to place your cards in order to collect the most gemstones!

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