12 Days of Gaming - Crabz

12 Days of Gaming - Crabz

The tide is rising! Your team of Crabz need a safe place to settle, but there isn't enough space for everyone! In this game of observation and strategy, you must protect your Crabz and be sure to prevent your opponents from doing so first. Stack them on top of eachother to avoid being swept back to sea!

Crabz is suitable for ages 8 and up and for 2-4 players. A game will last approximately 20 minutes. Stop your opponents Crabz by landing on top of them or wash them away!

As well as looking fantastic and vibrant, the game plays really well too. Inside the box, you'll find a large hexagonal gameboard which is a brilliant size, and 36 crab tokens. The tokens are in colour sets and one set is given to each player. The set includes 3 large, 3 medium and 3 small tokens.

To set up the game, all the tokens are mixed up and placed randomly on each section of the board. The game can now begin; which player will be the first to guide their team of Crabz to safety?

When a player takes their turn, they choose one of their Crabz to move. Players are able to move their tokens a certain number of adjacent spaces depending on their size. A player must end their turn on top of another crab.

When this happens, the crab underneath is no longer allowed to be move unless they are uncovered! There are a number of rules for the game, including how crabs are unable to move over open water and they can't backtrack over the same spot on their turn.

When a player can't move any more of their crabs, they are then eliminated from the game. The last player standing wins the game and is safe from the waves!

This game is great for getting those cogs turning and even for fine motor skills! You need to really think where the best places to play are and how you can win. A big IG thumbs up!

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