12 Days of Gaming - Cortex Challenge

12 Days of Gaming - Cortex

Everyone could do with stretching their brain capacity; playing something that really gets the old cogs turning. We do, of course, want to enjoy it too! The Cortex Challenge collection is perfect for just that. Not only do they really get your mind thinking in all sorts of ways, they are immensely fun to play too. We've trialled these games in schools recently and they've gone down a treat. They're easy to learn, great to play and filled with challenging puzzles!

The Cortex Challenge collection has 3 editions; the original game, Kids, and Geo. Each game follows a similar format which we'll get onto soon. The games are suitable for 2-6 players and each game will take around 15 minutes. The age ranges for these games differ slightly from ages 6 to 9, as some are a little more challenging... are you up for a challenge? We sure are!

The original game of Cortex Challenge consists of different 'test' which all players have to compete to solve. Players have to complete these puzzles in order to obtain cards which they can eventually then trade in for a 'brain' piece. When they complete their 'brain jigsaw', they are the winner. Inside the box there are a total of 90 cards and 6 brain jigsaws. The cards are a mixture of Test Cards, Touch Cards and Raised Touch Cards. The Raised Touch Cards are really something else; when you play the game, you'll get to look at these cards for a short while. When you choose the appropriate card, you have to guess the image using only your sense of touch! 

If you like a competitive edge to your games, and think your gaming friends would welcome the chance to prove themselves against the brains of everyone else, then this will hit the nail on the head.

- The Gaming Review.com

Here you can see how the Raised Touch Cards look! How many things can you identify using your sense of touch alone?

There are 8 different types of test in this game; Memory, Maze, Colour, Coordination, Duplicates, Frequency, Reasoning and of course, the Touch Challenge! All the cards are initially shuffled and set in the centre. The first card is turned over and all players look at the card in order to work out the answer. When a player thinks they have solved the puzzle, their hand is put over the card and their answer is given to the rest of the group. If their answer is correct, the player keeps the card. If it is incorrect, they have to miss out on the next round!

So, what about the brain jigsaw I hear you ask? Well, to obtain one of these pieces, you'll need to collect 2 cards of the same type of test and then trade them in. I think this is a clever and quirky little addition to the game...it is 'The Brain Game' after all!

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Let's take a look at the two variations of the game...Kids and Geo!

The Kids edition of Cortex Challenge is suitable for the younger ones at age 6+ and has a slight variation in the types of test; Memory, Maze, Odd One Out, Coordination, Duplicates, Frequency, Reasoning and the Touch Challenge. The challenges in this edition are slightly easier than the original version as you would imagine, but doesn't compromise the amount of fun you'll have playing!

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The Geo version of the game is slightly more challenging for ages 9+ and includes everything Geographical! Although the Touch Card test works the same as the other two versions, in this one you'll find a variety of different challenges; Memory, Maze, Country, Flag, Duplicates, Odd One Out and Population. This one is great for getting to know the world around you.

All games encourage thinking and speed skills whilst playing against your friends at the same time! A great selection of games which will defintely sharpen up your brain.

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Competition time!

We've had so many positive reviews from these games as we've tested them out over the weeks. Look out for a competition puzzle shortly on our social media; answering the question, sharing a competition and tagging a friend will ALL get you entires into our prize draw. This year, you could win a HUGE game pack worth hundreds of pounds. This is not to be missed!

Please note, we're NOT including games from the 12 Days of Gaming promotion in our competition. This is purely because stock is extrememely limited and can be purchased on a first come first served basis from our website. We regret that we are unable to ship prizes and 12 Days of Gaming items outside the UK.