12 Days of Gaming - Bluff You!

12 Days of Gaming - Bluff You!

Bluff You! is a very simple yet clever game that will really make you think twice. The game forces you into a dilemma; can you believe your opponents your not? Now you may think your friends are trustworthy, but when it comes to winning a game, the tables can be turned completely!

The game is suitable for ages 8 and up for 3 to 5 players. It'll last around 20 minutes and all players must have a great poker face to succeed...who else needs some practice?!

Being a lover of the sly fox, I knew this would be a rather sneaky game with a hint of trickery. These games really give you a laugh and although you'll be doing a fair bit of bluffing, it's great fun!

Inside the game box, there's 16 square poker-like chips, which are numbered from 3 to 18. These are what you aim to collect throughout the game. On these chips, there are 'dots' which determine how many points you will receive if you manage to collect them, so maybe 'bluffing' that you have these numbers when rolling can be used to your advantage! (We'll come onto this shortly.) There are also 3 six-sided dice and one plastic cup. Here's where it get's a little more interesting...

The aim of the game is to try and collect the numbered chips using your bluffing skill (or genuinely telling the truth!) Can you also tell whether your opponents are bluffing? The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. Points are calculated by looking at the dots on the chips.

The numbered chips are placed in a grid and a player rolls the 3 dice secretly underneath the cup. The holes in the top of the cup only allow the player who has rolled to see the numbers; the player then adds up their score and decides whether to go for the correct number, or to bluff...maybe this will get them more points! Other players then decide whether this player is being truthful or bluffing by saying either "Ok!" or "Bluff You!"

We love Bluff You! for a number of reasons, from actual bluffing to how fun and challenging it can be! There is an element of strategy to this game; in order to win you need the most points and the highest points are only on certain numbers. Is it worth bluffing to steal chips from another player, or is it best to play it safe and be truthful? Either way could be your downfall, so play wisely and try to spot your fibbing opponents!

Bluff you! is available in store and online now. Click here to make a purchase; stock is limited!

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