12 Days of Gaming 2016 - Top That!

12 Days of Gaming - Top That!

Top That; a game of building, speed and magic! Carefully observe the challenge cards and stack your magical objects correctly, although there is a big catch; some of the pieces have to be hidden and some are discarded altogether! Do you have the speed and skill to tackle your opponents? 

A brilliant one from Blue Orange, Top That is a simple family game containing hours of fun in a friendly yet competitive way. The game is suitable for ages 6 and up for 2-4 players and will take approximately 15 minutes to play. You can of course make the game longer or shorter depending on the time you have as there are many ways you can amend the game to suit you.

The box artwork and all it's components are very appealing and look fantastic! It really gives the feel of being a magician and using your skills to build, stack and conceal; just like magic! Inside the box you'll find 4 sets of objects:

  • Black top hats
  • Red goblets
  • Orange pipes
  • Green coins
  • And of course, magic wouldnt be the same without...white rabbits!

There are also 55 cards which each hold a Top That challenge. How many can you complete quickly yet correctly?!

The aim of the basic game is to be the first to collect 5 cards. Cards are collected by stacking the correct pieces in the correct places, but also being the player to do this first! At the start of every turn, a card is revealed and players then begin to build. The game is very clever in the way to images have been printed; if the image is coloured, this is a definte item that must be on show in your stack. If the image is grey, this means that you have to use this item in your stack BUT it must be hidden inside another piece! If an image of a piece isn't there, it simply means it isn't used in this particular round.

There are a number of ways to vary how the game plays. For example, an advanced rule for the game is that whenever an object on a card is surrounded by yellow stars, this means that at least one other item has to be inside it. Also, the number of cards to win can be increased for a longer game, or you can even play through the whole card pile!

Another great game for hand dexterity and speed. It's great for improving those fine motor skills and for encouraging children to be more observant. A great fun and family friendly gift for Christmas this year!

Click here to purchase Top That from the online store; stock is limited!

Competition time!

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Please note, we're NOT inlcuding the games from the 12 Days of Gaming promotion in our competition. This is purely because stock is extrememely limited and can be purchased on a first come first served basis from our website. We regret that we cannot ship prizes or 12 Days of Gaming items outside the UK.