12 Days of Gaming 2016 - Fast Flip

12 Days of Gaming - Fast Flip

Blue Orange bring us another fabulously fast-paced recognition game; Fast Flip! Another one for fans of Dobble, Fast Flip encourages you to look carefully at your cards to be the first player to find a match! 

The game is suitable for ages 7+ and for 2-8 players, with a game lasting about 15 minutes. It's very portable and looks appealing too; a great start, we must say!

The concept of matching games like these seems rather simple on the surface, but what people may not realise is that it takes quite a lot of skill; something that can definitely be improved over time. There are a number of ways to play Fast Flip and each one encourages you to think in a slightly different way. All will be revealed!

The game tin is great quality and really looks the part. Inside you'll find 55 cards and 10 different tokens, either number or fruit. The basic game is set up rather simply in the fact that all cards are shuffled and placed into a pile. The other variations of the game will use the different tokens. So much fruit... how 'apeeling'!

In Game 1, players play simultaneously and try to find a match. The first card of the pile is flipped so everyone can see the lovely array of fruits printed on it. Players work as fast as possible to work out how many of a fruit there are or which fruit is printed a certain number of times, depending on the card that is flipped. Most cards collected wins!

The second game now involves the rather interesting tokens. When playing the game, instead of calling the match, players have to grab the correct token. This is where it gets competitive! When a player has 4 tokens in front of them, the game stops and the winner is revealed.

It helps to develop focus, visual perception skills and fine motor skills.

-  Game review

The third and final game the rules suggest is to line up the tokens in any order you wish. This is now the order you are looking for when you play! The winner is the player with the most tokens after all 10 turns have been played.

Fast Flip is a great one to improve your speed and observation. It's one of those games that you'll improve on each time you'll play. Your reactions will be quicker and you'll be faster at recognising the different numbers and fruits involved. A great stocking filler and much fun can be enjoyed with the family this Christmas!

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