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Wibbell++ is a deck of cards featuring pairs of letters. In the first-edition deck, there were rules for 5 games, but more are continually being added and developed.

Wibbell is a word game with a catchup mechanism that means everyone is always competing. Race to shout words containing at least one letter from each of the 2 cards in the centre, and at least one letter from each face-up card in front of yourself! The game gets progressively harder as you do well, so adults and a 5-year old can play together and both compete.

In A Bind Jnr

Draw a card! Read it aloud! Now do what it says... Those are all the rules of the game! As the games go on you will balance cards on your body and contort yourself. You're In A Bind, but you still need to draw your next card!

In a Bind Jr takes around 15 minutes. It's best for 3-6 people but you can play with even bigger groups by combining decks and splitting into teams. Each card has an instruction. All are supremely simple alone, but the combinations are not! The goal is survival! If you can't (or forget to) follow an instruction, you get a warning. 3 strikes and you're out!