Tactic Games

Flags Of The World

Guess the country of the flags you choose... If you get stuck, you can ask for clues. Flags of the World is a fact-packed educational card game that helps you learn about flags and countries. Complete with 200 flag cards, 6 continent boards, rules and a colourful map. Ideal for students: choose the flag, name the place – then put the card in its space! 2-9 Players; age 8+. Box design may vary.

Junior Alias

Guess the drawing and keep on scoring in this frantic family favourite. While you describe the drawing on the card, other players guess what it is… But you can’t say certain words! Ideal for younger kids, Alias Junior lets children learn a little and laugh a lot! Helps make connections between words and pictures… While being laugh-aloud-fun for everyone! Complete with 300 cards, board, sand timer and colourful playing pieces. 4 or more players; age 5+.

Ninja Rush

Follow the master's instructions: turn the cards, flip the ninjas, win the game! Ninja Rush is a fast-paced race against the sands of time... Rush to turn the ninja figures and stop their sand timers running out: while the sand is flowing you must keep going! Family fun for everyone: 2-4 players; age: 6-99. Complete with three fantastic ninja figures, timers, ‘döjo’ game board, throwing-star counters, and ‘sensei’ master cards… You can only succeed with a ninja’s speed!