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Rory's Story Cube Mix: Intergalactic, Medic and Score

These are the latest themed sets from the world famous Rory's Story Cubes, ready to mix with any existing sets or even each other. Replace three cubes from Original Rory's Story Cubes with one of the new mix sets. Swapping a few images will totally transform the theme of the stories you tell, it's just like adding spice to a meal

With Rory’s Story Cubes Score, your tales are sure to include all sports. This Score set allows you to weave tales of sporting prowess!

Quarto Classic

Winner of awards all around the world, Quarto! is recognised as one of the top games of the past 30 years. It is an outstanding test of deductive reasoning.

The rules are easy to understand: line up 4 pieces that share one characteristic. The challenge of the game is that you choose the pieces that your opponent plays on the board.

Quarto! is possibly the most mentally tough game in the Gigamic range and requires focus, concentration and a poker-face.

The solid wood construction and elegant feel of this 'Classic' edition complement this stylish game perfectly

Extraordinaires Buildings

Be an Architect!

36 Design Challenges. Inspiration for the up and coming designers of the next generation. Features: Robot, Evil Genius, Giant, Mermaid, Knight and Future Child.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to design a home fit for an evil genius, or a place of healing for a wizard, then The Extraordinaires need your help!

Apply your imagination to create and solve 36 design challenges with this compact design studio.

Adventure Tours

Embark on your next adventure, but be wise!

To ensure a successful expedition you must attract wealthy participants and powerful sponsors whose money will help you reach victory.

The most influential and wealthy participants who will help you to achieve the final victory, demand a well-equipped expedition.

Think carefully about how you will lay your hand cards and use their abilities cleverly. Then be the first set off on an adventure and beat your fellow adventurers with ease.

Easy rules and captivating play mean hours of fun!


QUIDDLER, The SHORT Word Game, is a perfect word game for all generations.

Players must combine their entire hand into one or more words trying to use the highest point value letters. QUIDDLER challenges you to do this first with three cards (round one), then with four, on up to ten cards in the last round. There are two bonuses, one for the longest word and one for the most words. It’s easy to learn and you can use a dictionary when it is not your turn.

Check out QUIDDLER Deluxe for The QUIDDLER SHORT Word Dictionary.

Robot Turtles

Proof that you have a child genius on your hands.

Robot Turtles cleverly teaches children the basics of computer programming. The goal is for kids to get their turtle to the matching coloured jewel whilst the parents act as the computer, following commands and making all sorts of goofy beeps and zaps along the way.

With recent changes to the National Curriculum requiring primary schools to teach computer programming, this family game supports learning in a fun environment.


In Chickyboom, the chickens are hanging out on their colourful wooden perch, but if one of them decides to leave, the whole perch will teeter.

Collect as many chickens, hay bales and wagon wheels before the rocking perch topples. How many pieces can you save?

The chickens, hay bales and wagon wheels have different weights, meaning different point values. Selecting a heavier piece receives more points but entails more risk of making the perch topple. If you cause the perch to topple, five points are deducted from your total.

Battle Sheep

They set out to conquer the world one pasture at a time!

In Battle Sheep up to 4 players start by quickly constructing a very grassy play area, unique each and every game. They each then position all of their sheep in one of the outside pastures, ready to divide and conquer.