Marissa Misura

Fungeon Party

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United States

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Stack dice on your forehead, bounce dice into the box, knock down a meeple surrounded by dice, balance a meeple on a stick. These, and many more wacky quests await a traditional dungeon party in this truly untraditional dungeon crawler. Each quest adds 30 seconds to the game and an average game uses 6 quests making this a quick, easy, and FUN game to learn and play!

Players stack dice on their foreheads, bounce them into the box, balance a meeple on a stick, and more wacky quests instead of more traditional dungeon crawling action. You need coordination and creative thinking in order to win, and a good sense of humour! Think carefully about how to use each member of your party's powers - it can make a difference for hard tasks.

Playing this game may cause a lot of laughter (and maybe a few flying dice). One stray dice made it all the way down the stairs at our office!