A Dog's Life

A Dog's Life - IG Awards 2017

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A German Shepherd, a Poodle, a Whippet, a Boxer, a Labrador, and a Fox terrier take a break from their masters in order to experience an adventure in town.
But they aren't used to taking care of themselves though. They need you, your  family, and your friends to care for them!

You have to decide when your dog needs to:

  • Beg in restaurants.
  • Search through trash.
  • Deliver newspapers.
  • Fight rival hounds.
  • Drink from fountains.
  • Piddle on lamp posts.
  • Hide from the dogcatcher.
Do it right and you dog could be the first one to bury 3 bones in his den and win the game of A Dog's Life!  Walk a mile in their paws - be a canine hero!

1. What does the game involve?

A Dog’s Life – a game for all dog lovers. It's fun, it's for everyone and it's always different! In this game, you can do things that dogs do... deliver newspapers, beg for food, drink from fountains, search in trashcans, fight rival hounds, mark your territory, collect bones and run from the Dog catcher!

2. What skills can you build/gain from the game?

Children will learn about real dog’s lives from the rules and the game itself. Children will learn how to take care of a dog. Best to buy this game before you buy a puppy...

3. What's your favourite tactic or are there any tricks you can teach us?

Pee on the lamposts and steal bones from other dogs. Send the dogcatcher to catch other dogs and then pick up your bone from the ground after they are caught by the dogcatcher!

4. Do you have any funny/heartwarming stories about a game of A Dog's Life?

Try to play with real dogs...!