Mathstraks Games

Lesley Higgins used to be a maths teacher, so you can see where her great ideas for games have come from. Focusing around basic maths skills each of her Mathstraks games allow younger players to master the skills necessary whilst having fun.

Wild Card Games

Making and distributing a range of games, Wildcard Games supply and produce games that are both fun and highly educational. Based in the UK they are now distributing the MJ range of games in addition to their own. The games are ideal for families that like a bit of a challenge!

The Imagination Gaming Family & Education Awards 2015 Are Here!

This year we are proud to announce the 3rd annual, international, Imagination Gaming Family & Education Awards - with a fantastic new part of the website to match!

This is when we, as providers of table-top game based services to education and the wider UK community, get together with a specialist panel to identify more tabletop games that are not only great fun, but crucial in helping to develop key life skills. The competition receives entries from around the world and every game submitted is also taken to show at UK Games Expo 2015 at the end of May, the biggest hobby gaming show of the year....