What did Imagination Gaming get up to this Summer?

The summer of 2017 has been a very busy one, possibly even our biggest and busiest yet! We've worked with loads of fantastic children and adults alike, who really engaged themselves in our game sessions and ultimately had a great time in the process! We want to thank the staff at all these fantastic places for helping to organise the sessions and for helping to make them the biggest success that they could be. Here's a bit more information about what we got up to in the summer of '17 and how you can keep up to date with future events and sessions in the coming months.


During August, we scheduled in a huge amount of library sessions around Sheffield, Rochdale and Kirklees (you may have even seen us at a few!) These were free, drop in sessions for a few hours, where anyone and everyone can come and enjoy our games. We also give a mean demonstration might we add... We'll always encourgage everyone to take part and join in, which was exactly what happened at our sessions.  A lot of the games we showcased this year were shiny and new and if you were at these libraries, you may even have been the first to play them! Library sessions are always a joy for us to run and it's a great way of encouraging your young ones to get into visiting the library and taking advantage of this fantastic resource. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about library event in the future!

Breeze Events

As well as our smaller sessions in libraries, we also had some slightly bigger events for Breeze, Leeds! These events are held and organised to give children (and everyone else!) something positive to do as a family. The event collects all the great activities and people into one big, happy place to enable everyone to have a day full of inspiring and exciting activities. We had our own little part of this, and were thrilled to see how many great families joined us for our gaming sessions. To keep up to date with our Breeze sessions, visit the What's On page of our website where we will add events.

As well as events like this, we like to offer something that little bit different to enable children and young adults to get more out of the games and services we provide. Here are a couple of different areas in which we work, that really benefits those involved, and it's something we've definitely been proud of this year!

SEN Work

Children with special educational needs may tend to find the aspect of learning rather difficult for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons may be the fact that too many people are in the same place trying to complete the same activity in an extremely noisy and distracting environment, which may be very frustrating for them. Or, perhaps some of the tasks set are a little too tricky or not what they'd find 'interesting' to do. We've offered our SEN work throughout the summer holiday as well as during the year to really boost the confidence and skills that may be lacking. We've introduced loads of age and skill appropriate games in an often one to one session to really see the benefit and to get the most out of playing games!

Summer Schools

Whether it's a little extra practice at a certain subject, or just a day of fun and laughs, our Summer School activies always go down a treat! At our Summer School sessions, we bring a mixture of everything, whether it be a session to improve story writing skills, or to encourage working together as a team - we have that little bit of something for everyone and anything! 

Keep an eye out for our future events by regularly checking our What's On page here. We'll keep this updated as more dates come in! If you'd like to get in touch with us about any of our services mentioned or have any questions, please drop us an email at interest@imaginationgaming.co.uk and we'll be happy to help.