Top 5 New Cross-Curriculum Games


 A Cross-Curriculum approach to learning is where a number of different skills and knowledge are applied to single activity or task - so basically, a bit of everything! As well as a single subject area being learnt, a Cross-Curricular activity may include a little teamwork, negotiation, or perhaps a bit of confidence building. All these skills and more are essential in life and we think games are a great way of encouraging and practicing them!

Without further ado, here is our list of Top 5 Must-Have Cross-Curriculum Games from this year’s Imagination Gaming Family and Education Awards. We have played these games an awful lot (with a little help from our amazing awards judging panel) and have chosen the following games that really deserve a place on your gaming shelf...

1. BrainBox: Shakespeare/Awful Ancients (Cross Curriculum Gold Award Winners)

Well, what can we say about this fantastic range of games! We use these (and all other BrainBox variations) an awful lot in a school environment, and they are a great learning tool. To play, you pick out a card from the box and have 10 seconds to study the image and words as carefully as you can, using the helpful sand timer to track how long you have left. When your time is up, you turn the image face down, showing a number of questions about the image you've been looking at on the reverse. You then roll the dice and look at the matching number on the card - see if you can answer the question about what you've seen. The game can be used alone, in a pair, as a small group and also as a whole class activity, so is extremely beneficial. The BrainBox collection is great for memory and recognition skills, as well as brushing up on your chosen subject area!

2. Anatomix (Cross-Curriculum Silver Award)

Anatomix is a great one if you want to learn more about...well...the human anatomy! It's a multi-level and multi-lingual game that helps children learn about the human body. The game has been designed so both younger and older children can benefit - the younger children play the game by using the game spinner to collect body parts to complete their skeleton, organs nerves or muscles, while the older children get the added challenge of answering multiple choice questions to earn the different parts they need. Of course, Anatomix is a great science activity, and with the multi-lingual aspect, is also great for learning the parts of the body in different languages. Children can use this game on their own to brush up their knowledge or test each other in a group or classroom activity!

3. Business on the Move (Cross-Curriculum Silver Award Winner)

Business on the Move is a very different type of game, which encourages and inspires players of all ages about business and the global supply chain. To make it that little bit more fancy, all of the sponsors are included in the game which makes it very realistic - perhaps you'll spot a few companies in there you know pretty well! As well as being an in depth board game, that's not all this one offers... there are over 50 classroom activities that have been create for use with the game to investigate the reality of how business works. Aim to be the first to complete all your deliveries whilst also making the biggest profit! This game would be a great teambuilding activity alongside lots of discussion work.

4. Egyptians (Cross-Curriculum Silver Award Winner) 

Definitely a Egytian themed game I'm sure you'll agree... but this one goes that little bit further! This board game is packed full of information about the Egyptian way of life. Each player has their own in game pyramid and players have to answer questions to collect pharaohs to entomb as they make their way around the board. Egyptians is a great game for brushing up on your Egyptian knowledge due to the great little 'Did You Know...' sections, as well as learning about Gods and hieroglyphs. Topic work will become even more interesting with this one and portrays the subject in a fun and exciting way!

5. Tacto (Cross-Curriculum Bronze Award Winner)

A great variation of classic favourite, Tic-Tac-Toe! In this game, you cleverly set orders and execute demands - a fab little strategy game. As well as being an addictive favourite, this one is great to learn about coding logic in a completely different way to how it is currently taught in an educational setting. It enables a pair, or teams to strategically think about which move to take next and even to encourage thinking a few steps ahead to make sure your next move won't be your last! you agree with our list and are there any of these game ones that you've played and enjoyed? Let us know!